From Residency to Homeownership - A Physicians Guide to Smart Mortgage Choices

From Residency to Homeownership: A Physician’s Guide to Smart Physician Loan Choices

Pursuing a medical career involves years of study, residency, and a strong desire to establish roots in[…]

Physician Home Loan

Prescribing Prosperity: Your Guide to Physician Home Loans

Physician home loans offer customized solutions for medical professionals looking to purchase a home. In the field[…]

Physician Loan answers

Physician Loans – 42 Helpful Answers For Physicians

Do you need a physician loan? Get helpfull answers to the top questions doctors ask most about[…]

Protect Your Credit Score

How To Monitor and Protect Credit Score During The Home Buying Process

Find out how best to monitor and protect your credit score as you navigate the homebuying process.[…]

Costs of Home Ownership

Costs of Home Ownership

Here are several upfront, ongoing costs of home ownership outside of your mortgage payment that you’ll want[…]

Navigating The Home Buying Process

Navigating The Home Buying Process: Where To Begin

Here are the steps in the home-buying process. We walk you through each one so there are[…]

Save Money For a Vacation

6 Tips For Physicians To Save Money For The Vacation They Deserve!

Vacations can get costly, so plan ahead and have a savings plan. Check out these Physician Bank-approved[…]

Top 7 Expenses For Young Physicians

Top 7 Expenses For Young Physicians

Medscape surveyed 2,000 physicians under age 40. Here are the top 7 major expenses reported by the[…]


Budgeting During Your Residency

Going into residency can mean moving across the country, a lot of changes in your expenses and[…]

Buy or Rent

Buy or Rent? What Every Medical Resident Should Know

Are you a resident and trying to decide if you should buy or rent a place? It’s[…]

Benefits of a Physician Loan

16 Benefits of a Physician Loan

Physician Loans – 16 Benefits Doctors Get with a Loan from Physician Bank. 100% Financing, 0 PMI,[…]

Debt to Income

Debt-to-Income Ratio and Tips on How To Improve It

How to calculate your debt-to-income ratio, and 10 tips on how to improve it so you can[…]

Private Mortgage Insurance - PMI

What is PMI and How Does It Work?

Are you feeling confused by all the acronyms that come with mortgages? Let us break down one[…]

Should I Get a Physician Loan

Should I Get a Physician Loan?

With high interest rates and home prices, many are questioning whether now is the right time to[…]

Physician Home Loan - Steps of the Home Buying Process

Physician Home Loan – Steps of the Home-Buying Process

You’ve decided to get a Physician Home Loan. Now what? We’ll walk you through every step of[…]

Physician Mortgage Loan Agreement

The Physician Mortgage Loan

The Physician Mortgage Loan offers Benefits that make them an Attractive Option for doctors who are buying[…]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

12 Steps To a Good Credit Score

Follow these 12 Tips on how to Improve your Credit Score. Read about the importance of Good[…]

Physician with Physician Loan

What You Need To Know About Physician Loans

This is a physician loan overview. It includes how to qualify, the types of loans available, and[…]

Financial Self Care

What Does Financial Self Care Look Like

Think self-care is just candles and bubble baths? With financial concerns being one of the most common[…]

are traditional savings accounts dead

Are Traditional Savings Accounts Dead?

There’s no denying that traditional savings accounts are no longer as popular as they once were. Many[…]

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